Too Faced - The look of love collection

I vår släpper Too Faced en kollektion inspirerad av kärlek, bröllop, pasteller och tyll - The look of love. Här i Sverige släpps kollektionen den 24 januari, och märket finns att köpa hos bland annat Matas,, och

Too Faced The look of love
Release date: January 2011 (US/International)

Romantic eye collection ($35.00 / 350 SEK) - A woman is most beautiful when she is in love! Indulge in our newest eye shadow lesson collection filled with romantic-inspired shadow shades that will bring out your inner bride, bombshell or classic beauty, all with an utlra-feminine touch.
  • Soulmates - Shimmering nectar
  • Kiss the bride - Pink petal
    Kiss the bride - Pink petal
  • Bouquet toss - Baby's breath
  • I Do - Smoky taupe
  • Cut the cace - Heathered mist
  • Honeymoon - Gilded fern
  • Unveil - Smoldering coal
  • First dance - Midnight orchid
  • Ever after - Spicy chocolate
  • Bouquet toss - Baby's breath
    I Do - Smoky taupe
    Cut the cace - Heathered mist
    Honeymoon - Gilded fern
    Unveil - Smoldering coal
    First dance - Midnight orchid
    Ever after - Spicy chocolate

Amazing face liquid foundation ($36.00 / 389 SEK) -
Our oil-free, skin-smoothing liquid foundation provides the illusion of airbrushed skin in seconds. Complexion concerns disappear as the weightless, silky formula glides on skin delivering undetectable coverage, with luxurious skincare benefits. You will always be ready for your close up! (Obs! Kommer till Sverige under februari/mars)

Shadow insurance glitter glue ($18.00 / 250 SEK) - An extension of our best-selling Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer, Glitter Glue was specifically formulated to lock-down glitter and enhance its reflective quality. Our colorless cream formula is designed to grab and hold loose glitters, pigments and shimmers in place, insuring they won’t come off until you take them off.

Shadow insurance candlelight ($18.00 / 250 SEK) - Our legendary Shadow Insurance primer is now romantically lit with the shimmering golden glow of candlelight. The gilded luminous formula imparts a sexy, soft focused light that enhances eye shadow and adds just a touch of warm metallic flair.

Glamour dust ($17.00 / 195 SEK) - A new generation of glitter emerges within this loose and luxurious pigment powder that merges all the glamour of glitter with an ethereal feminine and fabulous effect. Sophisticated shades enhance existing eye shadows or look lovely when worn alone.
  • Blue angel - french blue
  • Pink fire - pale pink
  • Nude beam - shimmering nude
  • Glampire - peacock brown

The look of love kit ($45.00 / 495 SEK) -
Embrace the look of love with our spring collection of best-sellers and exclusive products. Swoon over this complete set filled with fresh and feminine shades in a chic, heart-stopping bag that speaks the language of amour!
  • Shadow insurance eye shadow primer (fullsize)
  • Deluxe primed & poreless
  • Flatbuki brush
  • Glamour gloss - barely legal (fullsize)
  • Lash injection mascara (fullsize)
  • Eye shadow / blush exclusive trio
  • Limited edition bag

Brow envy shaping & defining kit ($35.00 / 395 SEK) - Be envied for your gorgeous brows with "Brow Envy," a fool-proof kit that will have you arched, defined and framed like a star! Contains customized color for all brunettes and blondes-mix two shades for your ideal brow color.

Peach leopard bronzer ($28.00 / 320 SEK) - A new addition to our world famous “Leopard” brightening bronzers! Peach Leopard turns up the heat with warming shades of shimmering peach, matte chocolate and tawny bronze imparting a skin perfecting, tropical glow.

Romantic eye collection

The look of love kit

Amazing face liquid foundation

Brow envy shaping & defining kit

Peach leopard bronzer

Glamour dust

Shadow insurance candlelight

Shadow insurance glitter glue

Jag slutar aldrig att ooh:a och aah:a över Too Faceds råsnygga förpackningar, dom har verkligen lyckats bra med designen till den här kollektionen! Den produkt jag direkt känner att jag blir nyfiken på är ögonskuggspaletten, nyanserna är anpassade i tre små trios och dom har tänkt till när de har gjort highlighterskuggorna större än de färgade skuggorna, för det är trots allt de nyanserna som går åt mest av. Dreglar även lite över den supersöta leopardmönstrade bronzern och glitterskuggorna!

In English: This spring, Too Faced launches a collection inspired by love, weddings, pastels and tulle - The look of love. The collection is already out in the US, and will launch here in Sweden on january 24th.

I never stop ooh:ing and aaah:ing over Too Faced's gorgeous packaging, the design for this collection is spot on! The product I instantly feel most curious about is the eyeshadow palette, the shades are made to go with each other in three trios and I like the fact that the highlighters are larger than the coloured eyeshadows, because you can never get enough from a great highlighter. I'm also drooling over the super sweet leopard pattern bronzer and the glitter eyeshadows!

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Älskar Too Faced, grymma produkter i ursöta förpackningar! :)

2011-01-18 @ 21:16:20

Peach leopard är klockren, det är den bästa bronzer jag testat!

2011-01-19 @ 13:23:57

Jag vill ha dendär bronzern.. den ser hur underbar ut som helst :)

Likaså ögonskuggspaletten Romantic Eye collection :)

2011-01-19 @ 21:56:59

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