Urban Decay - Sommaren 2010

Ett märke som jag tycker väldigt mycket om, men som vi tyvärr inte har här i Sverige, är amerikanska Urban Decay. I sommar släpper de en kollektion bestående av bland annat ett nagellacksset, en ögonskuggspalett och fyra fixeringssprayer.

Urban Decay summer 2010
Release date: March 30th 2010 (US/Canada)

Summer of Love Eyeshadow Palette ($29.00)
  • Chopper eyeshadow - coppery fawn with silver microglitter
  • Maui Wowie eyeshadow - medium gold with silver glitter
  • Smog eyeshadow - deep coppery bronze
  • Flash eyeshadow - bright iridescent purple
  • Bourbon 24/7 Eye Pencil - brown with teeny gold glitter
  • Sin travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion - champagne shimmer

Summer of Love Nail Kit ($28.00)

7 shades of miniature-sized nail polish shades.
  • Shine On - beige sparkle
  • Woodstock - radioactive pink
  • Love Light - baby pink sparkle
  • Hashbry - bright orchid
  • Magic Bus - emergency orange
  • Aquarius - electric teal
  • Psychedelic Sister - bright coral

Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer ($32.00)

Features light moisture, just enough color coverage, and SPF 20. With just the right amount of tint, light-diffusing pigments diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing a youthful finish. The formula is buildable and highly breathable, so reapply as needed to get the coverage you desire. Our custom multi-mineral complex contains magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, lysine, and Vitamins A & E to nourish your skin. Anti-oxidants ginseng root extract and ginkgo biloba leaf extract help protect against free radical damage … like a big bodyguard for your skin.
  • Halo - Light
  • Bodyguard - Medium light
  • Bulletproof - Medium
  • Forcefield - Dark

Guardian Angel Spray Moisturizer with SPF 8 ($26.00)

This superfine mist can actually replace your existing moisturizer. Time release technology ensures that Guardian Angel continues to hydrate over a 24-hour period… probably longer than you actually need it! How does it work? The formula is hygroscopic, meaning it actually attracts and binds water to itself. Even with SPF 8, Guardian Angel feels light as air – no heavy moisturizer feeling. Worn under makeup, it hydrates evenly and creates a perfect base for foundation, allowing for smoother makeup application after misting. The lightweight formula is dermatologist tested, allergy tested, great for sensitive skin, oil-free, paraben-free, and vegan. Reduces the powdery makeup look you can sometimes get from foundation, and gives skin a healthy glow.

Makeup Setting Sprays ($29.00)

What prompted this marriage in makeup-saving heaven? Urban Decay and Skindinavia share a vision: long-lasting makeup. Urban Decay owns the market on pre-makeup prep with our Primer Potion franchise, while Skindinavia has developed an exciting lineup of post-makeup products. We were wowed by their technological expertise and clinical testing. Sure, there are other setting sprays on the market, but Skindinavia pumps their products full of innovative, super-effective ingredients. We worked with the Skindinavia team to identify the proprietary ingredients that best fit the needs of our customers. Together, we came up with three formulations that address shine, dryness and the need for all-night wear (of course).
  • All Nighter - Facebook-ready makeup, all night (or day) long–great for all skin types
  • Dew Me - Cooling effects prevent makeup meltdown; designed for dry/combination skin and those in hot and humid climates
  • De Slick - Keeps oil under control so makeup stays perfect all day; great for oily/combination/acne-prone skin

De-Slick in a Tube ($28.00)

Forever banish a greasy t-zone (or any zone for that matter) with our lightweight gel, developed to keep matte under hot studio lights or in muggy heat. Apply De-Slick after your moisturizer, then wait about 30 seconds to apply foundation. This addicting formula provides unbelievable oil control and absorbing action, is super easy to use, and is miraculous for midday touch-ups.

Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss ($19.00)
  • Max - Meet surfer Max, uber sweet and bashful; he doesn’t mind getting salty or wet, and this pinky nude gloss is ideal for sunset surf sessions.
  • Colin Fireman - Colin really got our temperatures blazin’ with his bravado, and we salute his daring service with a punchy orange-red shade.









Jag är väldigt nyfiken på fixeringssprayerna! Något som lockar er? Urban Decay finns som sagt inte att köpa i Sverige, men kan klickas hem från till exempel brittiska ASOS.



In English: A makeup brand that I'm very fond of, but unfortunaly isn't available in Sweden, is american Urban Decay. This summer, they release a collection consisting of a nail polish set, an eyeshadow palette and four setting sprays, among others.

I'm really curious about those setting sprays! Do you want anything from this collection?


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Läppglansen ser ju hur coola ut som helst, haha! :) Och UDs förpackningar är ju alltid lika snygga <3

2010-03-31 @ 12:39:48
URL: http://beautymuffin.blogg.se/

Åååh! Har inte råd :(

Gillar förpackningarna skarpt!

Fast tycker Pocket Rocket låter lite som en dildo XD

Jag vill ha Guardian Angel! Bland massa annat förstås..!

2010-03-31 @ 13:05:58

Väldigt snyggt som vanligt och deras PP är i världsklass!

2010-03-31 @ 17:29:04
URL: http://emla82.blogspot.com

Recensera E.L.F produkterna du skrev om!

Är riktigt sugen på läppstiftet ;)

2010-03-31 @ 19:20:21

Jag suktar mest efter nagellacken...drroool!

2010-04-01 @ 11:04:05
URL: http://badbomben.blogspot.com

beautymuffin: Stripp-gloss ftw!

Andrea: Haha, det säger min syster också! =P

Emma: Håller med, jag älskar primer potion! Är jättesugen på att prova sin och eden med, har bara provat originalet än så länge.

Sandra: Det kommer, jag har haft tenta nu i veckan och i helgen kommer min pojkvän hit från malmö, så det har varit lite annat högre upp på prioriteringslistan på sistone. Börjar recensera på tisdag i nästa vecka!

badis: Jag är jättesugen på dom jag med!

2010-04-01 @ 12:28:32
URL: http://purity.webblogg.se/

De Slick sprayen verkar väldans intressant må jag säga.

2010-04-01 @ 15:54:12
URL: http://saintbellabeauty.blogspot.com
Sexy Sadie

Jeg foretrekker mine øyeskygger fra UD fremfor de jeg har av MAC.

2010-04-05 @ 16:15:08
URL: http://www.sexysadie.norblogg.net

Jag är litesmåsugen på att testa allt förutom pocket rocket och ögonskuggepaletten ^

2010-04-08 @ 14:19:06
URL: http://bokkei.blogg.se/

har hört att deras primer skall vara toppen! du vet inte om ud går att köpa på några svenska web shoppar?

2010-10-07 @ 20:25:20
URL: http://artofmalin.blogg.se/

malin: Deras eyeshadow primer potion har varit min favorit i många år, tyvärr finns den inte att köpa via webshop här i Sverige. Testa de brittiska shoparna hqhair.com och lookfantastic.com!

2010-10-09 @ 14:02:36
URL: http://purity.webblogg.se/

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